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Most Innovative Genealogy Product of 2008 The Modern Software Experience's GeneAwards 2008
The Relatives received Special Award: Most Innovative Genealogy Product of 2008

Relatives is a program that allows users to create simple or complex family trees while achieving maximum control of data and the complete ability to navigate throughout the tree.

Relatives is a true WYSIWYG application available for Windows. Use it to build your family tree, save it in a file, print it out or share it on the Internet.

Program's main window Relative's information window Opening relative's document
Dropdown menu Lists of persons and families Editing a person Pedigree window

The program completely supports the GEDCOM ver. 5.5 format, the de-facto industry standard for storage of genealogical information.

Relatives is capable of handling tens, hundreds or thousands of relatives; there is no set limit. It also places no restrictions on marital configurations, such as multiple spouses. The program can accommodate any real life possibility.

Our software incorporates many features for control and organization; layout can be handled automatically or manually, and searches can be conducted for specific or non-specific details. Complete lists of people and families help with searches and organization and their details can be easily changed using the Editor.

There is an information page for every individual, accessed simply by double clicking that person. Their history or achievements may be recorded, with pictures, web-pages or any other related documents opened via their information window.

Once completed, the family tree can be burned to a disc along with the viewer program allowing it to be shown to others, or it can be exported automatically into a web-ready format.

A person's pedigree can be viewed and saved in a file in the special Pedigree window.

Do you need to
- transfer your family tree data and all related files to another computer?
- place them on a server on the World Wide Web?
- send them to your relatives by e-mail?
- burn them onto DVD?
The Media Master tool will
- prepare your files for transfer,
- thoroughly check all links to the associated documents,
- collect them in one place.
With Media Master you may rest assured that none of your work will be lost!

Here are some web page samples generated by the Relatives program, ready to be published on the Internet:

  1. Web page with the interactive image of a genealogical tree (click on a person where the cursor turns to hand...)
  2. Text report in HTML format.
  3. Web page with the interactive vector (SVG Graphics!) image of a genealogical tree (click on a person where the cursor turns to hand, change the scale...)
  4. Interactive web page with genealogical trees. (Choose "Sample tree (en)" in the list, load the tree...)

Comprehensive help documentation is available, on the web or integrated in the program. Feel free to download the program's help for more extensive documentation of the features.

Windows versions supported: 95/98/Me/XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10

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