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The free viewer (still version 2.1 by now) is intended for viewing genealogical tree files which have been saved in the "Relatives" program in .rel or .ged GEDCOM format.

The viewer is a stand-alone program. You can just copy the whole direcory where you have inslalled it (by default it is C:\Program Files\GenealogySoft\RelViewer X.X, where X.X is the version number) on a CD or DVD along with tree files, photos, documents, texts, etc., and the disk becomes a multimedia encyclopedia of your relatives!

Such disk can be made opening by itself (autorunning) if you put a special text file autorun.inf in it's root directory.
The file contains the following two lines of text:

open="RelViewer X.X\RelViewer.exe" MyTree.rel

Where X.X is the viever's version number (it will be in RelViewer X.X folder after installation)
MyTree.rel is the tree's file name.

You can download the viewer here (8.5Mb).

Windows™ versions supported: 95/98/Me/XP/2000/Vista/7

Note: it is possible to view .ged-files which have been generated in other genealogic programs, but there is some problem: a plain GEDCOM-file does not contain any graphic data such as positions of elements in the tree. The viewer (as well as the "Relatives" program) does automatic tree arrangement, but while in the "Relatives" you can then correct the person's positions manually and save them in a file, in the viewer there is no such possibility - it will show a GEDCOM-file how it can - for small trees (up to 100-200 persons) the automatic arrangement works pretty well, but for files with thousand persons the result can be somewhat disappointing... To show a tree how you want, import the GEDCOM-file to the "Relatives", manually correct person's positions and save in the .rel or .ged format. It also usefull to import GEDCOM-files in "Relatives" because it will find and correct logical errors and mismatching to the GEDCOM standard, existing in many ged-files.